How to add LIRAX to a wallet

How to add Lirax token to ETH wallet

1. Create new ETH wallet from
2. Go to “View Wallet Info” tab
3. Click “Add Custom Token” then put
– Address : 0xA2ec368c2f894C253b869CE8e5Ae03D4eE655ebD
– Token Symbol : LRX
– Decimals : 18
and click “Save”
4. Finish


Ethereum Wallet and Mist

1. Download ETH wallet from
2. Open wallet and go to “Contracts”
3. Click “Watch token” and then put
– Token contract address : 0xA2ec368c2f894C253b869CE8e5Ae03D4eE655ebD
– Token name : LIRAX
– Token symbol : LRX
– Decimals places of smallest unit : 8
and click “Ok”
4. Finish

Mobile Wallet

LRX Token Wallet

1. Download LRX Token Wallet

2. Create or import wallet (private key, mnemonic, keystore content)
3. Click add button
4. Search "Lirax" and click "Add"
5. Finish

Receive LRX with your Wallet

1. Click LRX token
2. Click "Receive"
3. Show QR code (wallet address) to your friend or customer
Optional: you can also set receive amount

Send LRX with LRX Token

1. Click LRX token
2. Click "Send"
3. Type receiver's address (or scan QR code by click the button on the top right corner), LRX amount and click "Next"
4. Click "Confirm" and enter wallet password
5. Wait till transaction is successful
Note: NO GAS FEE for LRX transactions !
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