Today’s data-based infrastructure is built around data stores that were designed to accommodate large volumes of ever-changing data. They excel at this, but that is also their shortcoming – it is difficult to know exactly what has changed over time, be it intentionally, accidentally or maliciously.

By leveraging blockchain’s capability to create an immutable history of data, our customers get a secure, private, tamper-proof, mathematically verifiable record of the content of their data at a point in time.

LIRAX Project is based on the idea that every person, company, and entity should have their own private, immutable and secure digital ledger. Whether that data is a document, image, contract, journal entry, email, electronic medical record, or any other type of discrete data element, its content can be verified on the blockchain and corroborated by other parties, creating a history of that data that is mathematically provable and unchangeable. This gives their data greater integrity and makes it easily verifiable in the event of audit, legal challenge, or regulatory inquiry.



In today’s digital world, the ability to forge, delete or otherwise manipulate data is omnipresent. Organizations and individuals spend resources to protect and prove the integrity of their data to 3rd parties.

LIRAX Project provides trustless, independent certification of data content at a point in time tied to a particular identity. This certification is accomplished via Blockchain, creating an audit trail that can never be changed and the consensus of the truth of the content through multiple versions of the audit trail created among many nodes. 

LIRAX Project can provide independent validation of the history of an organization’s data over time. We then provide the reporting tools needed to prove the integrity of data to 3rd parties, such as auditors or regulatory compliance agencies and during legal challenges.

LIRAX Project’s primary product is a blockchain protocol with an open API that allows our customers to easily incorporate blockchain into their existing data environment.

Our solution offers the following advantages:

  • Privacy: LIRAX does not require access to underlying data.
  • Security: Data is not shared among network nodes – for our services.
  • Compatibility: Adapted with all Ethereum-based blockchain platforms.
  • Scalability: Designed for enterprise data volumes.
  • Reporting: Dynamic reporting of Blockchain proof.
  • Forensics: Data tied to the source, creator and editor.
  • Trust: Trust in LIRAX not required as proof is mathematical.
  • Regulatory: Extends to regulatory uses cases.
  • Flexibility: Extends to any data format and file size.
  • Stateless Approach: Nodes do not require complete data history of other nodes.
  • Easy integration: Via open standards API, shared by us.
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Technical Specification for your own Lirax

Token standard : ETH based token (ERC223)
Contract address : 0xA2ec368c2f894C253b869CE8e5Ae03D4eE655ebD
Token name:
Token symbol :
Total supply :
Token decimals :


An additional market, a great opportunity

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We work together to transform the untapped productive potential of thousands of firms and professionals based in our great land into actual wealth. Goods and services worth dozens of millions of euros which wouldn’t fit into the traditional market have been sold and purchased on Lirax.Network, turning losses into profit and lost earnings into savings and a better quality of life.

We offer you the opportunity to share your products and services to thousands of clients all over the world, create new human and business relationships and become a source of change for yourself, your company and your economy.

Discover the benefits to use LIRAX and be part of  Lirax.Network, the most innovative and dynamic system currently available on the Web.


Meet thousands of new potential customers and get in touch with thousands of new suppliers. With the support of our network and by using professional services, integrated into our platform, you’ll be able to increase your revenue and to purchase what you and your company need, saving valuable liquidity.


By participating in the Network, you can support the social economy, and contribute to the strengthening of supply chains and the economic recovery, while increasing your development division. With LIRAX you’ll be able to strengthen your connection with the market and the communities, to experiment with new forms of social responsibility, enhancing the image and the reputation of your Institution.


Become the preferred supplier to thousands of companies and professionals. Diversify your funding references, reduce your reliance on banks and improve your cash flow. Optimize your production costs, reduce idle time and unsold stock. Create new synergies, partnerships, and production chain agreements, thus increasing your company’s soundness and its market presence.


Increase the resources available to your organization to carrying out your projects by experimenting with new forms of collaboration and new synergies. With LIRAX you’ll be able to promote your initiatives to thousands of new supporters to increase their participation and their support to the area and to the communities in which you operate.

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